InnoGoods 4 all!

On 21 April 2010 · Comments Off on InnoGoods 4 all!

Logo InnoGoodsInnoGoods started out supplying very innovative re-usable moisture capture and storage devices for home and small business use. The innovation lies in the unique feature to revive the product’s functionality over and over without having to use any disposable chemicals in the process.
By merely heating up the compound used inside the product, by means of putting it in a microwave or by a built in electric heating device, collected moisture can be released and the product is once again ready for use. The products can thus regenerate themselves dozens of times. The products do not use any electricity while in use, only while being regenerated. These features make these products both environmentally preferable over the traditional products using disposable chemicals, plus they can be used many times, making them a sound investment. Summed up: two innovations at once in one productline! More information can be found on their website, also about newer products: InnoGoodsLogo Climate Neutral Group for InnoGoods

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