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This website collects examples of innovative concepts and designs of all industries randomly, per definition based on publicly available or made as such information, with reference. By doing this on a not-for-profit basis and not placing any advertisements for any product, concept or design, this website strives to stay completely independent. Articles placed about innovative concepts, designs or products are entirely edited to the liking and interpretation of the editors of this website only. They form an opinion and do not seek the truth or claim to present the thruth, but merely mirror ideas off to visitors of the website.  This “journalistic freedom”, or freedom of speech shall be preserved at all times. At the same time any potential misguidance of visitors of this website is never intentional and shall be avoided where possible. However, as so many things in our Wildly Wondererous World, conflict of ideas cannot be avoided at all times, since certain concepts or ideas are conflictual in nature or simply to complicated to satisfy everyones interests at the same time. If such conflict arises, feel free to send feedback to our editors. After investigation of the feedback, articles may be amended, changed, but never removed, not even temporarily, pending whatever claim. You may also mail us information, preferably with references, about an interesting innovative concept, idea, design or product. Our editors may investigate it and use it for an article, or not. Advertisements and spam will be redirected into our trashbin immediately, without reading. Criticism or harsh language will be ignored and not answered. The latter actions are futile, even if they entail potential legal action, because nobody owns publicly available information nor the type of presentation therefore, not even if -through reference to certain patents- it seems otherwise.
This website does not make any money from publishing articles nor strives to take away money from others.  If anything, this website is purely informational.
Inno’vamus is a registered protected trademark, even though it is used by others who are probably not aware of this registration. For some, this does not make any sense. So be it. Not everything must have sense. Have fun reading!


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